Camino de Santiago

Camino Trust

One of the important aspects of doing the Camino de Santiago is to develop what I would term “Camino Trust”. What is it? It is the ability to trust in the good of others to provide when you are In true need. It is a part of walking the Camino. Many of the Alburgues (hostels) do not take reservations so you are trusting that they will have some space for you when you arrive for the night. We entered into this “Camino Trust” experience with some anxiety since it was certainly not the way we would have planned any of our other vacations.

Well it turned out that on the 2nd day of our Camino we got put to the “Camino Trust” test. We arrived after a long day to find that all accommodations in the town we expected to stay in were full, completo! The word we were hearing as well was that all accommodations in the next village were also full! Now what? The nice pasture just outside the village was looking good.

The goodness of trusting in the good of others when in need came through for us to our surprise. We met a wonderful woman from England and she was very fluent in Italian and was able to find accommodations in a small Pension in the next town by talking with the proprietor of a Pension we were stranded in. We asked her to help us secure accommodations as well and she was so kind that she helped us get the same Pension reservation. They even sent a car to bring us there!

This wonderful woman named Sara has now become a wonderful friend of ours as we ended up in the same room together that night and have now been walking and taking our meals together as well.

“Camino Trust” we are still learning but what lessons it has been teaching us so far!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri




Zapatos – Shoes the most important decision you make when undertaking the Camino. Walking 500 miles will put tremendous stress on the feet and there are many stories of huge problems with blisters and bruised feet and ankle sprains on the Camino. Terri and I as you can see from the photo took great care in the selection of our footwear including sock choice. We also did extensive walking on them before the beginning the walk. We tried to make sure we worked out any problems before we started. So how is going for us you say? Well so far 4 days in it looks good. Terri had a small toe blister but she treated right away and it is no longer a problem. We hope to continue our excellent results as we go forward.

We have seen every kind of footwear being worn along the way. The path has had some very rough trail with some hard and sharp stones where we have been very happy to have a good boot on our feet!

We made it to Pamplona yesterday and we are taking some short rest time to enjoy this great city! We visited an awesome Cathedral/Museum yesterday here in this city famous for the “Running of the bulls”.

Today we are off for a very short walk before we begin another long climb up and over another tall mountain pass!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri