Camino Strong


There is no doubt that the Camino is not for the weak. It is a real physical and psychological test. Every muscle in your body aches at some point and no matter how much you train it is going to hurt. You reach the end of each day “dead tired” and your muscles are so sore from the lactic acid that is released into your system.

At some point though after so many days of doing it over and over it slowly begins to get easier and there is less soreness. It is stil very hard but better each day.

Today for the first time John's calf pain in his legs was gone. The small pleasures that keep you going. John said he finally is becoming “Camino Strong”.

Our hope is to get stronger each day now so we will have less and less pain to deal with each day!

Today we climbed over another big mountain and were surprised how much easier it was. We even got to the top an 1 hour earlier than we thought we would. We even got into our Alburgue (hostel) at 2:30 today!

Day 5 of our Camino walk complete!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri