Slow Immersion

One of the great things about walking enables one to experience a slow immersion into the environment you are going through. When we travel by car the environment we are traveling through moves by us so fast we don't really develop a deeper appreciation of what it is all about. The interesting contrast we have seen so far on the Camino is that the the Camino path is often near roads that run parallel to the path we are walking. We sometimes cross over the highway then jump right back into the natural countryside again.

We have traveled through so many different areas with such varied terrain. We started out climbing through the Pyrenees mountains with its amazing panoramic vistas high above tree line, we went through some rolling hills and beautiful farm lands, we traveled along rivers, through beech and pine forests, we walked through dry hills and valleys, through groves of olive trees and vineyards, through so many picturesque villages and towns, it has been just an amazing experience like no other. A very unique and special way to get to really know an area is done, I believe, only by walking through it.

Today we took a bus from the town we were staying in last night, Logrono, to Najera. We did this for a couple of reasons. First, we are trying to buy some time so Terri's blister can heal and second to catch us back up so we are not far off our planned pace we need to maintain so we can make our airplane ride home on October 18th from Madrid. The bus ride here to Najera took only 40 minutes! The walk to Najera from Logrono would have taken us all day. We are looking forward to our walk tomorrow. It will be a 13 mile walk to our destination for the night, Santo Domingo de la Calzada. We are ready to begin again our slow immersion!

Buen Camino!

John and Terri