Let It Rain

It had to happen eventually and we were ready for it. Today we walked the majority of our morning on a good “Seattle Rain”. We even had a good wind driving the rain at us as we set out in the morning in the dark with our headlamps on. It actually felt good. We have been so hot everyday since we started the Camino. Every afternoon we would be just beat down from the heat and drag into our Alberque ready for a shower and something to eat. Today felt different we had all our great Seattle rain gear and we were off. We did notice not very many folks felt the same way about the weather conditions.

Talking about it this morning we made the observation that folks from Seattle are so used to doing things in the rain (if we didn't we would not do much). Rain is just what we do as they say. For those that live in areas where there is little rain and when it rains you don't go out, you can understand their reluctance to walk all day in the rain. I also felt a bit sorry for all the folks that wear tennis shoes on the Camino as their main walking shoe (there are a lot too!). Today was a tough day for them.

Today we are glad for all of our Seattle rain in helping us get through our morning.

Buen Camino!

John and Terri