Human Being vs Human Doing

by johnandterri




Terri and have arrived back in the United States and are now home from our long Camino journey. We have begun to get back to our “regular life” again! It is strange not getting up in the dark and heading out with our headlamps on and walking. I think I might even try it at least once in the next week just for fun (Ha ha)!

It has been a week since we finished the Camino and I have not updated the Camino blog now for one week. As I mentioned in my last Camino Blog update email, we were just overwhelmed by the number of folks that really enjoyed and looked forward to the blog each day. Your responses to the blog have really encouraged me to keep writing. So I thought I would give it a try. I will try and write an entry at least once a week. My focus will be related to the fact that we are all on a journey and are pilgrims and I hope to keep the “Camino Spirit” alive as well with this blog.

So here goes, here is the first blog after our Camino walk has been completed.

As I mentioned before, the Camino provides a lot of time to think. You are basically spending the majority of each day walking and thinking. That long list of things that need to get done or places we needed to go were not on our minds. There was just a time of being, not doing. There was time to listen and observe the scenes of nature all around us. A time to really have a conversation with God (that is what prayer is). There was time to enjoy the company of our fellow pilgrims or to meet new friends. We were in touch with each other and listening and responding to each other’s needs.

When we returned back this week to our “regular life” back here in Edmonds, there was suddenly this long list of to do’s again and places to go. It is strange though in that I feel a little different about these list of “to do’s”. I was reading from a new book I started on “Mindfulness For Beginners” and I think it really speaks to what I am thinking and feeling these days following the Camino.

“If we are not careful, it is all too easy to fall into becoming more of a human doing than a human being, and forget who is doing all the doing, and why.”

We are hoping that we can keep a bit of that “Camino Spirit” going and stay in each moment more fully aware of our surroundings and those we are with. Staying in the present and being more than doing. That long “honey do” list can be a real trap I believe as we can quickly become consumed by it and we find we are becoming more of a “Human Doing” and less and less of a “Human Being”. Let’s all strive to be more of a “Human Being”!

God Bless!
John and Terri