Life Is An Unfinished Symphony

by johnandterri

20140920-Najera-Santo-74-EditOne of my favorite quotes is “Life is an unfinished symphony”. It has been my mantra now since I have returned from the Camino. I find that I am constantly reminding myself of this truth throughout the day. It helps me relax and realize that the long list of “to do’s” is going to be there tomorrow. It helps me put things into perspective when I start trying to fill my entire day and week up with all the “unfinished work and activities” of life. It helps me slow down and take some time to just “be” not “do”. I notice how much more at peace I feel when I give myself time to rest.

When you stop to think about the wisdom of this little quote, you realize that we are often striving in our “to do” mode to just finish off this so it is done and then I can get to this other thing. Once I get that other thing done then I will be happy but that is not true because something else comes up which I feel we must get done now. The reality is we are never done this side of heaven. We will pass away and there is still more that is going to be unfinished. I simply must remember this. It is never all done.

I think that this new way of being is going to be hard for me as I tend to be someone that really loves the “do, do, do”. One of the Camino lessons I am still learning is to rest and just be present to the present moments of life! It is easier to do when I remember, that I will never get it all done and that is OK!

God Bless!

John and Terri