Judge and Sifter of Hearts

by johnandterri

camino-frances-bike-3-1Walking the Camino, provides one a lot of time to think and sometimes in our thinking we can get judgmental of others. It seems we all do this quite naturally. I find it hard to avoid.

Early on in the Camino we found ourselves very irritated and a little judgmental of those that were riding bikes. Most of our irritation was due to the lack of notification as they approached and passed us by. It often caught us by surprise. It was a constant battle to remain peaceful and not judgmental of those “Italian Stallion” bike riders!

Another “judgmental” issue I had was my thinking that the only proper shoes to walk the Camino were hiking boots. I found I repeatedly had to pull myself back from my “high and mighty” attitude I was carrying along the way. I was so sure I was right and they were going to “pay” for wearing sandals or tennis shoes with a sprained ankle or bruised feet. Wow, it is amazing how easy it can be to fall into this judgmental state of mind!

The big problem with this judgmental state of thinking is how much it steals the joy and peace from the present moment. We are not as aware of all the beautiful things around us when we get into this state. We lose are perspective as well.

We witnessed this with a fellow pilgrim, Susan, that we got to know from Winnipeg. You see she was really “ruining her Camino” with how upset she had gotten at all those pilgrims that were only walking the last 100 kilometers to Santiago. This is all you need to walk to get the prized “Compostela” (a credential you receive when you arrive at the Cathedral in Santiago). Susan was very judgmental of these “100k pilgrims” and she paid the price. It literally was changing her into someone you did not want to be around or walk with at times. It was very sad to see.

Our judgments are a decision we make when the thoughts come up in our mind. We are in control of our decisions. We can decide not to place “that judgment” on the thought that comes to our mind. We can identify that thought and let it go without placing judgment.

I read a great quote from St Augustine saying,”You cannot be a judge and a sifter of hearts”.

This is wise advice to follow for sure!

God Bless!

John and Terri