Camino de Santiago

Outstanding In Your Field – Pano of the Week

Every so often I come across a awesome landscape and I get really excited as I try and capture the scene. I saw this lone tree on the horizon and could see the lighting was very subtle and pleasant with this expansive harvested field stretching on forever.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Outstanding In Your Field

Internet of People

20140920-Najera-Santo-74-EditThis past week at the Consumer Electronics Show they were predicting the next big consumer electronics trend; the “Internet of Things”. The ” Internet of Things” is an interesting trend. It is the connectivity of the internet with the “things” we all use each day in our lives. The idea here is that the “things” we interact with each day will anticipate our needs and respond. What does this mean? Some examples are: Alarm clocks that go off early if there is traffic, plants that communicate with the sprinkler system if it is time for them to be watered, and medicine containers that tell your family members if you forget to take the medicine.

Things responding and anticipating our needs got me thinking about something I would call the “Internet of People”. What is “Internet of People”? It is people anticipating and responding to the needs of other people. We had an interesting example of this on the Camino. We found that as we walked, we met and got to know more and more fellow pilgrims. We were developing our “Internet of People” along the way. Each time we would meet up again with our fellow pilgrim friends it was always fun to get caught up with each other. Often we would be sharing with each other suggestions and tips we had learned along the way. We were anticipating each others needs and providing helpful suggestions to each other. We really enjoyed the learning and sharing with our fellow pilgrims.

We all know that people are so much more important than things. Regardless of what happens with this “Internet of Things”, I think the “Internet of People” will always be more important and you don’t need batteries!

God Bless,

John and Terri