The Wisdom of Time

by johnandterri

John on walk to Acebo-2

I was thinking of the saying today of how “time heals all”. It seems to me right now that time is what I am going to need. Time to heal. You see three weeks ago I tore my right quadricep muscle hiking! My hiking days are over for now. I need time to heal.

Since I retired a year ago, I have been very active. One of my goals of retirement was to spend more time outdoors than indoors. I would say I did a very good job of that for the first year of my retirement with the Camino and hiking every week since I returned. It has been wonderful. I have really enjoyed spending time outdoors. I now realize that I need time to heal and my time outdoors in going to be limited.

It is interesting to me to see what happens to us as time passes. Taking on this long walk across Spain required one to commit a lot of time. It takes a good 5 weeks to walk it. That is a big commitment of time. Time does indeed heal and change us. I know for Terri and I this long break in our “regular daily lives” to walk the Camino definitely changed us both in many very positive ways, which I have brought out in this blog. Time is a good remedy for many things in our lives.

This leg injury I have is serious and is going to take quite a bit of time to heal (my physical therapist tells me it will be eight months to be fully recovered). I guess I will need to learn how to be more patient with myself. I will need to respect that it is going to take time. I can not rush it or I will re-injure myself and set myself back.

I am starting to understand that this is a test for me now.

Can I slow down and let time teach me “its wisdom”?

I look forward to what I am going to learn!