Reflect More, Risk More, Do More


I read an article that referenced a survey was taken of fifty people over the age of ninety. They were asked, “If you could live your life all over again, what would you do differently?” Their responses boiled down to three answers:

1. Reflect more. 2. Risk more. 3. Do more—especially more things that would touch other people.

I really thought these three answers were very insightful and true. We certainly took on all three of these actions by walking the Camino. We knew we were stepping out and taking on something much bigger than we had ever done before. We were getting out of our comfort zone. Real risk was present. As I mentioned, the walk is a great way to really have time to reflect on life and you certainly touch a lot of other lives of fellow pilgrims from all other the world. These three ways to live life are really important and walking the Camino really reinforced this for us.

So what is it that is stopping us from living this way everyday? I suspect it stems from our fears. Fear of the unknown, fear of silence, fear of what others will think or fear of failure. I feel fear drives a lot of decisions we later regret in our lives.

Let’s all drive out those fears in our lives. They do not serve us well. Hopefully when we all get to our nineties we will feel good about how we have lived and have few regrets.




Photograph of the Week

Boat Haven

I was very excited when I took this image as I had a good feeling it would turn out special and it indeed did! This is taken at Port Townsend in the marina called Boat Haven. It was mid day and the lighting was perfect.