Camino de Santiago

Month: June, 2016

A Journey To Deeper Love


“Growing into deeper love is a life-long journey” is a quote from an article I read this past week regarding how hard it is to really love all, even our enemies. The article is by Fr Ron Rolheiser one of my favorite writers. He always seems to have something to write that gets me thinking.

He compared our journey of growing into deeper love, like a pilgrimage, like a Camino walk. A pilgrimage walk like the Camino is a good comparison when talking about deeper love.

When you walks the Camino, you are abandoning a lot of the “trappings of life” for a more simple life, it is just about walking, thinking, eating and sleeping. It strips us down to the core in some ways and you begin to review your life again. You begin to put perspective into your life a bit more as you consider your relationships in your life. The key and most important aspects of life, our relationships not the stuff in our life.

How loving have I been in my relationships? How will I do things differently when I get back from this walk? What needs to change in me so I can be a better at loving more deeply?

You know life is short. We have limited time and yet we know we are all on this journey to love deeper. Let’s all keep a strong desire and if possible actions to go along with it to love more deeply.



Photograph of the Week

Rainier’s Burrough’s Mountain Views

This June has been much more normal June in the mountains compared to last year. Last year at this time I was hiking high up on Mt Rainier on Third Burroughs Mountain which is today covered in snow. This photograph of the week was taken during that hike. The hike to 3rd Burroughs’ mountain located on the East side of Rainier is a very unique hike as the terrain is quite different.

P.S. As many of you know I am a photographer and have been in many of the local Art Festivals. This year I am sticking close to home and will be keeping things simple.I will be down at the Edmond’s Summer Market this year on Saturday, June 25th, July 23rd and August 20th. I hope if your in the area you stop by my booth! Look for Blue Skies Photography!


Making Room


Most of the folks that walk the Camino stay the night in the many Albergues that are located all along the trail. The Albergues are like hostels and often there is very limited personal space and very tightly spaced sleeping accommodations. It was definitely a unique experience and required one to have great patience with each other. The “Alberque experience” really pushed you to make room for others, that is for sure!

St. John Chrysostom says that to be patient is “to have a wide and big soul”. When  we are patient people we make room for others. We give people space to learn, fail and develop. We give others space to mature at their own rate.

It is not easy to be patient. I know when I am not being patient with others, it is often because I have no room left as I am consumed by the “tyranny of my own agenda”. I have no room left over for anyone else.

So slowing down and making room is a good thing. I know I am in need of keeping this in mind everyday!



Photograph of the Week

Mountain Phlox Views

I chose another photo of a wildflower again but I have them on my mind these days as the wildflowers are really blooming right now!

The Phlox flowers are amazing how they grow right in the most amazing and beautiful spots. They make for interesting compositions!