Appreciate the Imperfect Too

160829-Vancouver-82-glow on water

The image above was made during a walk yesterday around the beautiful waterfront area of Vancouver, BC. I was intrigued with colorful houseboat in the harbor but my eye was then drawn to the very imperfect color, light, shadow and texture of the reflection of the colorful houseboat on the harbor waters.

I realized how important it is to also see the beauty in the imperfect as we do live in a imperfect world. We stayed the night in a Airbnb last night and the owner of the apartment was meticulously clean and minimalist in style (not anything like our home). It was a “picture perfect” apartment that you would see in a magazine.

Yet life is not like this. Life is not always “picture perfect”. This great trip to Scotland and Ireland has been well planned and organized yet it will be imperfect. There will be “stuff that happens” that is not according to plan. It is important I believe to expect this to happen. Happiness lies in accepting limits and imperfections. “Everything has a shadow” as my favorite spiritual writer, Fr. Ron Rolheiser says.

Terri and I plan to embrace the imperfections and shadow of this trip!