Leaving Home

by johnandterri

Millinnium Hotel-glowing window

“The familiar and the habitual are so falsely reassuring, and most of us make our homes there permanently. The new is alway,  by definition unfamiliar and untested.” (Richard Rohr, Falling Upward)

I have a great little book that I am reading that I borrowed from my sister, Patty, for this trip. It seems to me to be just the right book for me to read at this time of my life. The quote I started this blog is from the book.

Leaving home “our familiar and habitual dwelling” was very hard this time for both of us. This is a very long time away from family and friends and in particular from our two grandchildren. Leaving home for the “unfamiliar and untested” is hard yet we both know how special this time will be for us too.

The image I created for this blog is about our present home where we will be staying for the several nights. The Millennium Hotel. I liked the glow coming from the window. The hotel is very old and yet has a “homey” feeling. It is “our home” from where we will begin to learn and grow from from our Scotland experience.