Our “Sacred Dance” Time

by johnandterri


“Many of us learn to do the “survival dance” but we never get to our actual “sacred dance”. Bill Plotkin

This quote is from a book I am reading called “Falling Upward”. I was thinking on this a bit and realized that for the majority of our lives Terri and I have done a great job of doing the “survival dance”. Terri and I have had a wonderful life building our family as well as having good success in the jobs we chose. We learned to do the “survival dance” well.

Now that we are both retired and have really had the time now to learn out actual “sacred dance”. The Camino walk was our real start on learning this “new dance”. The long walk was just the medicine we needed to help us learn more about this new phase of our lives. Our precious time as grandparents now has been a pure joy. This trip to Scotland and Ireland is a new chapter now in our “sacred dance”. These lands are very special indeed and the people are simply delightful and joyful. We are loving our “sacred time” here.

Today was certainly one of those special days. We visited a most special place, the Blasket Islands off the southwest coast of Ireland. The island is a one of a kind experience for sure. The island has a purity and soul to it that you feel the moment you step on the island. The ruins of an old village, where for generations the Blasket Island Irish families lived until up to 1953, was very haunting to walk through and the natural beauty of this island though was stunning. It definitely felt like “sacred ground”.

Terri and I feel so blessed to have this special “sacred dance” time together!


John and Terri

Photograph of the day

The Blasket Island Beauty

Stunning vistas everywhere you look on Blasket Island.