Making More Interesting Photographs

by johnandterri


“How do I make more interesting photographs? Become a more interesting person” Jay Maisel

One thing about travel is has the potential to change you. I believe you become a more interesting person when you step outside your comfort zone. It draws you out of your normal routines. You have the opportunity to learn and grow as you travel to see new people, lands and cultures. There are less distractions of the daily life and more time to focus on those around you and the beauty of the lands. This opens you up I believe to makes you a better person, a more interesting person and maybe even a little better photographer.

I think another aspect of making more interesting photographs is imagination. Our two and half year old grand daughter, Kay, has recently got me thinking of the importance of imagination. After reading a “Splat the Cat’ book to her, during lunch as she was talking about the story, she spent the next several minutes spinning a new tale involving the penguins that were a part of the book ending and wove them into the surroundings of the house (the space she knows well). It reminded me again how powerful our imagination can be in creating things anew. Taking ordinary places of daily life and making them extraordinary. One of the keys to making more interesting photographs is our imagination. To see the ordinary of life anew with our imaginations.



Photograph of the Week

The Burren Is Alive

The Burren is very desolate but there are also amazing pockets of life growing all through it.  I chose to use the combined B&W and color composite technique to visually accent this story.