Stay Awake – Be Present

by johnandterri



” Our real worry should not be that the world might suddenly end or that we might unexpectedly die, but that we might live and then die, asleep, that is, without really loving, without properly expressing our love, and without tasting deeply the real joy of living because we are so consumed by the business and busy pressures of living that we never quite get around to fully living.” Fr Ron Rolheiser

I like this quote because it speaks the truth that we all need to be reminded of continually. We need to stay awake and present in the middle of the busy pressures of our lives. It is so easy to let the combination of  pressure, anxiety, laziness, depression, tension and weariness break us down so we “fall asleep” and are less vigilant to all around us. We miss living life fully. We are not present to the people, situations and beauty that surrounds us all. We “sleep walk” right on by these precious moments.

In photography, being vigilant, being present and alive is one of the keys to good photography. It is something that my hiking friend, Bob Maier, and I share together. We both are very present and alive to throughout the our day of hiking. We are both very spontaneous and alive to capture the beauty of nature as we hike.

The same should be true for all aspects of our lives if we want to be fully living our lives.

So as we approach one of the busiest seasons of the year, let’s all try and be more vigilant and awake and present to all!



Photograph of the Week

The Wild Atlantic Way

I fell in love with the West Coast of Ireland. It is referred to as the Wild Atlantic Way and it is truly one of the most scenic coastlines anywhere in the world.