The Music Of Heaven

by johnandterri


“There is the Music of Heaven in all things and we have forgotten how to hear it until we sing” (St. Hildegard of Bingen)

As many of you may know, I have been singing in our Church choir now for a number of years. I love to sing, even though truth be told, I am not a very strong singer (I need lots of help around me to help me stay on tune). One thing I have learned about singing is how it makes me feel. I lifts me up and my soul seems to take flight. I have discovered that, if I only just read the words of the songs we sing at Church, it would not be nearly as powerful and life giving as when we sing them as a choir together. The music is what lifts and makes those words soar in my heart and lifts me to places I could never go without it.

This quote also got me thinking how this also applies as well to the “Music of Heaven” seen all around us in nature. I realized that how if one only spent their time looking at photographs of nature, there would be a very limited understanding of nature. I try very hard in my photography to convey the amazing beauty of nature to the reader of my photographs. I know that they do help bring folks closer to seeing the beauty of what I have seen but there really is no substitute than to actually personally experience that amazing sunrise or sunset. To be present in nature to its raw beauty is to “sing” out its beauty. It lifts you up and you feel it’s real raw power to heal us and renew us.

Recently I have taken to taking video of the scenes of nature, in addition to the photographs. It seems to me that the videos are getting one a tiny bit closer to the experience of immersion in nature but still there is really no substitute for being there. If we really want to our spirits to soar, we need to “sing” out the beauty of nature by being present with all our senses to its amazing beauty.

As I write the blog today, it has been snowing and there is a fair amount of snow now across the city, covering everything in a beautiful white coat. No need to get in a car and drive to the mountains today to “sing” out the music of heaven. It is right outside our doors. Go and immerse yourselves its beauty! Sing out!

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

Well, I decided to depart this week from a photograph only and will offer to you something that might be closer to “singing out” natures song. Here are a few videos I have taken this year from different trips to the mountains to experience the frozen beauty of the waterfalls of our region as well as a special winter getaway trip to warm and sunny Santa Barbara. I have added music that our Holy Rosary Edmonds Catholic Church choir sang back in June 2016 to this as well.

Enjoy and immerse yourselves!

Sing Out Nature’s Beauty