Love Is An Open Door

by johnandterri


As I mentioned to you in a post recently, my granddaughter, Katherine, has fallen in love with the movie “Frozen”. She loves the music from the movie and one of the songs she has me play for her, often, is called “Love Is An Open Door”. This song titled got me to thinking about the truth of this simple phrase and how important it is to be incorporated into our thinking and how we live our lives.

At Boeing, I was a first line manager, for quite a bit of career. One thing I really strove to live out was to have an “open door” policy (though for many years of my life as a manager I did not have an actual door to my office). The idea of an “open door”, though, remains the same regardless. Those that worked for me, always felt welcome to come in and talk to me. I truly tried hard to remain open to them. To “love” them by making it a priority to hear them (reference my last blog article). It was not easy to keep this policy at times but I can say I honestly tried to do this to the best I could.

One thing about walking the Camino, is the close quarters you often find yourself when you stay in the Albergues.  You are all in the same situation. You are all very tired and all you are looking for is a shower, some food and a good night’s rest. You let your hair down. You open yourself up and you just share your lives and times together. You keep an “open door” to others.

This principle of being open to others is truly an expression of “love”. How can we love others if our door is shut? How can we love others if our fears are driving us to the point where “we are not thinking straight”, are we not we “shutting the door of our mind” in this situation too? How can I love my family when my doors is closed to them because I am too busy to even truly listen to them? How can I love my country, if my head is filled with fears (anger, anxiety, hate) and I shut my door to anyone I don’t agree with? How will I ever understand those I do not agree with if I don’t open the door to at least try and understand what they are feeling and thinking at a deeper level? This is hard stuff. I am not saying it is easy in anyway but to really love others is not a feeling it is an action and it not easy to do in all situations.

I read about a survey that has been conducted every year for the last decade in America to measure our stress (think fears). This past January it took a significant statistical jump up from the slow decline it has seen since it was started in 2007. We are in a stressful time and there is a lot of fear but I say let’s not let those fear rule our lives.

To love means to be “available and ready to hear” others and this is not always easy to do as we find our minds filled with fears and we want to run away (distract ourselves) or fight (be angry and filled with hate at others we find we do not like).

Let’s keep the doors of love open!

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

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