Sheep and Shepherds

by johnandterri


During our visit to Scotland and Ireland we got to up close and personal, so to speak, with sheep and shepherds. While we were in Ireland we got to walk through areas where they grazed freely and in Scotland we got meet a shepherd and had a wonderful demonstration of sheep dog herding. The image at the top of the at the top of this blog article is from a wonderful area we got to go in Ireland called, Glencolmcille, very remote and unchanged by time.

I really enjoyed the close up experience as it is certainly not something I experienced growing up in a city all my life. I recently learned an interesting fact about sheep, that almost made me laugh.

I read that they are not very powerful, hence unable to defend themselves effectively. Moreover, they are not very good at recognizing localities, which explains why they can so easily go astray. When lost, the sheep panics. It falls to the ground and bleats loudly in hopes that it will attract the shepherd.

Just a couple of thoughts came to my mind when I read that,

  • Sheep are smarter than men, it would seem, when it comes to getting lost and asking for help (we always think we know where at) and,
  • Sheep sure do need a good shepherd to help them survive

It is not the first observation though that I want to cover in this blog today. It is the second one. How important it is to have “good shepherds” in our lives for us to grow and survive and also how important it is to be a “good shepherd” for those in our lives that need us.

Taking care of our two grandchildren, two days a week, I certainly can identify with the sheep and good shepherd analogy. Some days when our precious little, Kay, (who has just turned 3 years old), has one of her “meltdowns”, it makes me think of the sheep that is lost and falls to the ground and bleats loudly for her “shepherd”. Oh, how important it is to be there for her to help her to use “her words”  to tell us what she is feeling. To help her “find herself again”. This is what “good shepherds” do for their sheep.

As I see it, there are a lot of folks out there (myself included by the way) that need “good shepherds” to help them find their way when they are lost and need a hand. We are all called to be those “good shepherds” for others. Let’s all take our responsibility seriously to be “good shepherds”!!

Blessing and all good,


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