Recognizing our true worth

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“When you have realized your true worth, you will be able to judge your faults sanely . . . and the faults of your neighbor will remain in shadow.” Dominican Saint Vincent

One of my favorite activities these days is to spend time thinking and pondering things that I probably did not do much of when I was working. It can be one of the “perks” of retirement. Terri and I certainly got to do this “in spades” walking the Camino de Santiago. LOTS OF TIME to do a lot of “thinking and pondering”. I dare say that thinking for long periods of time uninterrupted is a precious commodity these days. The world is a constant barrage of “stuff” coming at us and stimulating us with variety, novelty, action and movement. We are focusing our attention for only a few seconds at a time it seems before we are off to something else. It takes real effort, I am finding, to stop the madness and get off this train so we can “think and ponder” more deeply on things.

Take for example the quote at the top of this blog article. I recently took the time to actively ponder and let it sink in deeper into my mind and heart. Here are some of my thoughts I would like to share with your from my “ponderings”.

  • Recognizing our “true worth” to me means more than the worth of my accomplishments, it is about solid grounding of how much I am loved. This was something my parents gave me as a beautiful gift and we hopefully have done for our children and now for our grandchildren. For I believe this is the key to living a peace-filled life. To know you are loved. It all begins at this point. It is the greatest gift we can give to our children and grandchildren.
  • The second thought I had was how vital to our health (physical and spiritual) it is “to be able to judge our faults sanely“. As this quote points out, seeing the shortcomings of others begins with seeing our own limitations clearly. If we do not have that solid grounding of how much we are loved – “our true worth” within us it is very hard to see our faults, we become “blind” to them, and then we end up using our “hammer  of judgement” on others for their faults.  This is does help us to “be the best version of ourselves”.

I will close this blog article today with a quote that I believe I used in the past as well but it just seems to fit so perfectly with these “ponderings”:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, no one thinks of changing themselves.” Leo Tolstoy

I pray you all feel how deeply your loved and communicate that as well to those you love!

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

Let It Flow

This image was taken during a recent Spring hike to the most amazing waterfall of the North Fork of the Sauk river. The power of the water flowing down these falls was simply awe-inspiring. Here is a link to one of the videos I took of the falls.

North Fork Sauk

The reason for the title of this image came about when I was thinking about what this blog article and the importance of have a solid foundation of how we are loved and letting that perspective lead us to the gracefulness in accepting criticism and tact in giving it. To unblock those areas of our lives that are holding us back – to let the best of us flow out.