Consume and Criticize or Create and Bless

171214-Whistle Lake - Nikon-33-final

“Unsolicited advice is just criticism”

I heard a podcast this past week on criticism that I made an impression on me and I have done a bit of soul searching as to how it might apply to my life. I guess I have to admit I am guilty of this undesirable behavior. I love to consume information on a variety of  subjects that I find interesting to me (e.g. autonomous vehicles,  artificial intelligence/robotics, blockchain, social media addictions, etc) and then I go around giving my unsolicited advice to anyone who will listen. Although I had good intentions, I now see it was not really helpful at all.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and unsolicited advice is the mortar.

Oh, those darn unintended consequences.

It is so easy to be the critic and yet so hard to be the one that creates something and blesses others with it. It takes positive energy to create something that blesses others and I realize now that simply passively consuming and criticizing takes little energy and tends be more destructive of others.

I find that taking time out to pause and think, with a good dose of silence, is a good recipe for creativity and blessing. I am more likely to emerge from this period ready to create and find ways to bless others. In the long silence of the Camino walk, I found lots to time to think and came out of it very inspired to try new things. Certainly, the encouragement I received from everyone after I got home to continue writing this blog, is a good example. It continues to be a creative outlet to for me and I believe it has blessed many of you.

Let’s take this opportunity as we gather together with our family and friends at Christmas, to spend some quiet time thinking and generating some creative ways that we can bless others. I for one am going to try and focus on this approach rather than being the one that is providing unsolicited advice!

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

Manzanita Evening Glow

I created this image in the past week from a photograph taken during our annual family getaway weekend to Manzanita Beach this past March. I love the way this image makes me feel. I feel calm and soothing and hopeful. Not sure why just do.

P.S. Image used at top of the blog I created from a hike this past week to Whistle Lake up near Anacortes. I threw a rock into the lake to capture the concentric circle waves and it seems so perfect to use for this blog now.