Discipline and Self Control

by johnandterri


“You can not be happy without discipline. In fact, if you want to measure the level of happiness in your life, measure your level of discipline.” Matthew Kelly

Walking the Camino de Santiago is an experience of discipline. To walk the 500 miles, you really need discipline. You must be committed to a rigorous daily physical regime that goes on for about 5 weeks. It is a commitment to a full day of walking then resting, eating and sleeping, all to begin again the next day and the next day until you reach your final destination, the Cathedral in the city of Santiago de Compostela.

I am including a quote from the book , “Perfectly Yourself” by Matthew Kelly, which I have been reading during the year’s season of Lent. I have found the book to be filled with some great wisdom. This particular “wisdom”, I see is, oh so true. When I am applying discipline and self control in my life, it leads to good things in my life. I am a better person because of it.

Another mistake I have made is when I took on the attitude or the mistaken notion that freedom is the right or ability to do whatever I want. Again, when I live like this it has led me to some places in my life that when I reflect back on later, I have regretted. I am not happier like I thought I would be.

It has been my experience, that discipline and self control are important to a healthy and happy life. Maybe you also have experienced this in your lives, as well?

Blessings and all good,


Photograph of the Week

Sea and Sky

This was taken about a month ago during a weekend getaway to Moclips, WA. A very dramatic sky that evening!