Sharing A Meal Together


There is something very special about sitting down with family and friends and enjoying a meal together. It connects us together in way like no other.

One of the wonderful aspects of walking the Camino is the bonding experience it creates among your fellow pilgrims. Just walking the Camino with so many other pilgrims one has many common experiences that we loved to share with each other. Whether it was talking about our the aches and pains or sharing a tip to help each other avoid the mistake we had made. Sitting down after a long day of walking and sharing a meal was a very important part of the Camino experience. It was bonding experience for us. Terri and I still cherish those special meal times together.

Eating a meal is so much more than simply the fueling of our body. With our lives so busy these days and with so many of us going our separate ways, it is not easy to find the time to sit and enjoy a meal together with our family and friends. The more we isolate ourselves and eat on the go and do not make it a priority to have a meal together the more isolated and disconnected we become.

Taking the time and effort to sit and eat a meal together with family and/or friends can not be substituted by anything else. I wonder if social media connections are being substituted too often for real face to face contact. I had a thought the other day, that social media is like fast food, it is ok when it is limited to a few times but is not a substitute for a real healthy meal of face to face conversations.

Let’s not forget the value of sitting down for a meal with family and/or friends. We build family and community one shared meal at a time.



Photograph of the Week

Pacific Starflower

This time of year is a wonderful time to explore the forests as they are filled with Spring flowers that grow in on the forest floor. This little star shaped flower is called the “Pacific Starflower”. I took this during a hike last week on the Suiattle River Trail.