It is the people who make a house a home

20141001-Maza-Astor-41-2One of the important experiences of walking the Camino, is spending the evening/nights in the Alberques, along the way with your fellow pilgrims. The Albergues, are like hostels, as they are designed for community living.  You share bedrooms and bathrooms and common kitchens and dining areas. By staying in the Albergues, you can draw even closer to some of the folks you have met along the way. You end up getting to know each other better as you share your Camino experiences over dinner. One time we even went to a store and made a dinner together. Now that was really fun!

I was thinking about how powerful shared experiences are, when they are discussed over a nice meal together. You draw together as you talk about your day. It is the same as well, with our family homes.

We are planning to sell our family home next Spring, to move to a smaller one level home or condo. This is what got me thinking about what really makes a house a home. What gives a house its real value is NOT the building, however grand or beautiful it is, it is the people who occupy it, who make a house a home. It is all those memories we build up over time in this house that make it home. It is those family meals, where we share the best part of our day (a great new family tradition that our son-in-law brought to our meals). It is all the happy and sad times we have experienced together in the home.

I know that Terri and I will be sad for a time to leave this wonderful house that has been our home for these past 33 years.  I also know that the next house/condo will slowly begin again to be home as we share this our new house or condo with our family and friends.

I hope that this coming week, you have the chance to experience the wonderful joy of Thanksgiving dinner with family/friends in the house of one of your family or friends.

Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving!


P.S. Not to worry, Terri and I are not planning to move far, as we are hoping to stay right here in Edmonds, when we move next Spring.

Photograph of the Week

Morning Sun Rays

I love the early fall mornings when you have the combo of fog and sun because there can be a lot of great photographic opportunities. This image was captured during our long drive down the Suiattle River Road. I noticed the unique rays of morning sunlight and fog. We stopped the car and jumped out and walked around to find just the right spot to capture this image.