We Are All Connected

The Camino de Santiago continues to have a strong worldwide appeal and in fact, in 2019, a record number of pilgrims walked the Camino. The pilgrim office in Santiago de Compostela, reported that 347,578 pilgrims received their Compostela certificate.

Terri and I loved meeting and getting to know our fellow pilgrims that lived in so many different parts of the world. This long walk together really did bond us together in a very special way.

I remember the our first day, as we headed up over the Pyrenees mountains, with so many other pilgrims. It was was the hardest day day of the entire walk due to the distance and elevation gain. Good thing we all were so fired up with such great energy and excitement!

Over the days and weeks ahead, as we moved from village to village, we started to develop relationships with many of our fellow pilgrims. Each of us on a long walking journey together, all connected by our desire to make it all the way to Santiago de Compostela. We all suffered together with our blisters and sore legs and feet. We had opportunities to share meals together and to get to know a little about each other. We shared our sufferings and joys of each day.

We had a real sense of connectedness to our fellow pilgrims. We cared about each other and looked out for each other. It was like were all seeing each other with “different eyes”, eyes that saw how we all had a deep connection with each other. Oh, the magic of the Camino, helping us all to see the inner grace and connectivity of all. To be able to look at each other as fellow pilgrims and not by all the other categories we love to pigeonhole people into without really getting to know them.

I recently have been convicted to try to stop my incessant efforts to divide up and categorize people with my calculating mind. To stop my efforts to put everyone into a box for the purpose of control. To stop being so arrogantly certain of every person and situation I encounter. This is hard stuff I am finding. It take a rewiring of my brain to do it.

I am practicing the surrendering of my desire for certainhood and control and clarity of everyone that comes into my “field of the moment.” I am striving to see everything and everyone equally, a fellow pilgrim and a child of God.

One thing is for sure, we could REALLY use a good dose this way of thinking right now as we struggle as a nation here in the United States! Our long journey to Santiago de Compostela began with one step. So, lets all remember, we have today, we have this moment in time, where we can take a step forward, looking out and seeing each other as “fellow pilgrims”. Each of us connected and a child of God.

Grace and blessings,


Photograph of the Month

Look Deeper

I called this image “Looking Deeper” as that seemed appropriate for this blog entry. We are all called to look deeper into each other and see our connectedness “fellow pilgrims”.

I took this picture of the slot canyon called “Canyon X” near Page, Arizona in 2008. I revisited it just this week and made this updated edits to give it a real sense of depth.