Live yourself into a new way of thinking

“We don’t think yourself into a new way of living you live yourself into a new way of thinking.” Richard Rohr

The Camino is a experiential type of thing.

I read a number of books about the Camino and watched a couple of movies on the Camino in preparation for the walk. Yet, it was the experience of walking the Camino, that drew out of me the Camino’s true value and lessons. Walking the Camino, I came to a new way of thinking on life. It changed me.

If you have been following my blog for these past 6 years since we walked the Camino, you likely have got an idea for how the Camino changed me. Here are few important lessons I have learned and how my thinking has changed as a result.

  • Be present to the moment, use all your senses to soak it up. Stay in the moment as long as possible and be curious and keep an open mind and heart.
  • Get outside and walk in nature regularly. I am especially fond of walking in the forests. It is a healing balm for your body, mind and soul.
  • Human Being” is way more important that “Human Doing“. Avoid filling your days with constant activity and to do lists. Just being present and still is of true value.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. Less is more. It is a very freeing experience to move “downward” rather than “upward” in terms of possessions. The less we need to protect and prove.
  • Live with a heart filled with gratitude for everyone and everything.

There are so many other wonderful bits of wisdom I have learned from walking the Camino. The writing of this blog for the last 6 years has really helped to crystallize my thinking as well.

This experience has led me to want even more experiences like this. I will close this blog with one more thought on this idea of living into a new way of thinking.

“You think like the people you cocktail party with.” Richard Rohr

Oh, how easy it is to remain cozy and comfortable, surrounded by people who think just like you, vote just like you, worship just like you, use money just like you. We are all called to break free to live in larger circles of love. I have found that when I “change sides” by going to those who have very little, the poor, I have learned the most about life through this experience and my thinking has been changed. I highly recommend this!

I hope this blog today provided you with some inspiration to try and live your way into a new way of thinking!

Blessings and all grace abound,


Photograph of the Month

Tree Shadow Speaking

During this past week, I had a chance to go on a hike to Lake Ingalls in the Central Washington Cascade Mountains. I was monitoring the dark shadow being cast on Esmeralda Peak as we started up the trail. I was struck by the great contrast. When I saw the outline of this old tree shadow, I knew I had a great shot if I could position the shadow against the brightly lit Esmeralda Peak. I had to climb a bit off trail but I found the perfect alignment I had envisioned. Viola!

It seems to me this old tree was speaking to me of its past in the shadow it casts on Esmeralda!