What Is Rather Than What Ought To Be

by johnandterri

I came across this quote and it seems to have been stuck in my head now for days. I have learned that to pay more attention when this happens, as it may be exactly what I or someone else needs right now. This quote really spoke to me about the importance of nature to tells us “what is”. What is our common ground when the ground beneath our feet is filled with messages telling us “what ought to be…”

The Camino experience is so transformative for many. Could it be because we are immersed for weeks in nature telling us “what is”? Science has been catching up with this quote it seems as they are discovering the idea of “forest bathing” has real medicinal qualities to the point where even doctors are prescribing to spend time in nature.

The other day, after a particularly difficult and disappointing day (we all have them), I had the opportunity to drive up high in the Olympic Mountains (Hurricane Ridge) to take in some “mountain therapy”. It was exactly the medicine I needed. I was out of sorts and even a little angry and yet after an hour up high in the clouds on top of a mountain I slowly began to come back to reality, “what is” not “what ought to be”. I drove home with the music turned up and sang out loud to blow away those smashed expectations.

We are living in a time I read recently where our we are part of a culture that is driving up our emotions when our expectations are smashed or not met. We live in a time where “outrage” is high on our daily agenda and we are getting fed a steady diet of “what out to be” that did or did not happen. Our “industrial outrage media machine” keeps us propelling us forward it seems into more rage and anger at “what ought to be”.

What to do? Get out into nature regularly. Make it at least once a week, if you can. It is our “common ground”. It is “what is”.

Nature blessings,


Photograph/Video of the Month

For this post, I offer you a video instead of a photo. I am finding that as I spend more time in nature I am moving more towards creating a video than a photograph as at times it best describes how I am feeling at the moment when I am experiencing the “what is” of nature.

During a wonderful Father’s Day hike to Big Finn Hill park in Kenmore, I took this little video of the unfurled sword fern and a babbling stream.

Big Finn Hill Park Fern