Clearing Out Space In Our Minds

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“The thing about possessions is that they rent space in our minds. Everything we have requires mind space, and I probably don’t need to point out that mind space is limited, so the more you crowd it, the more confusing things become.” Matthew Kelly

One of the reasons some folks walk the Camino de Santiago is to sort out their life. They might be at a critical point and are not sure what direction they will be going, they may have suffered a loss of a spouse or loved one, the break up of a marriage or a loss of a job. They need clarity amid their confusion.

When one walks the Camino, you carry just the pair minimum with you, the amount of possessions one has is limited to what is on your back. That is why the quote at the top of this blog is so important. The possessions we have take up space in our mind. The more we have the more they fill up our mind. Walking the Camino forces one to carry limited possessions and so as a result it helps us clear up our minds.

I am such a nut about technology and yet it comes with a price. The more technology stuff I own the more it crowded and confused my mind becomes. I certainly have felt the effect of this over the years. I see now more clearly the cost of owning a lot of stuff.

Simplifying through the reduction of stuff is a good way for one to gain more clarity. Less is more.

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Photograph of the Week

Springtime in Eastern Washington

Spring in Eastern Washington is special as everything is green and the flowers are out everywhere. It is a great escape,as well, from the sometimes rainy side of the mountains in Spring.

This image I feel really expresses it well.