The Beauty of Change

20140922-Belo-VillaF-25-studioWe are fast approaching the change of season from Summer to Fall now. I love this time of year and it has always been a favorite time for Terri and I to travel. In fact, it has been 5 years now since we walked the Camino de Santiago! It is hard to believe I have been writing this blog that long, I surely never planned for that to happen. I hope you all continue to enjoy these little reflections on life as I love posting them every few weeks.

“The beauty of change is as thrilling to me now as new terrain was thrilling to me then. I’m post-turn around time, and have turned homeward to walk among previously unnoted mysteries.” David Guterson

I read this quote from an article in the Seattle Times recently and it stuck with me. It is a wonderful article about a local author and poet who was an extremely active mountaineer of the Pacific Northwest mountains who is now finding deeper beauty, meaning and urgency in the familiar mountains of his youth. I truly identified with this fellow Northwest native hiker’s view as he has aged. He recognized that he is past his prime and he is seeking the familiar again with fresh eyes looking for the “previously unnoted mysteries” of life.

As I have aged I definitely have become more open than I was in my youth to see the “beauty of change” around me. I love returning over and over to the same hikes in all the different seasons so I can look for the small changes to the landscapes. I have developed a better eye to see the beauty in the “small landscapes” of nature, especially attentive to new patterns of nature I might find. There is great beauty all around us if we have the “eyes to see it”.

We see the beauty of change all around us if we just slow down and really pay attention. We have sure witnessed the beauty of the changes that have happened in our grandchildren as we cared for them twice a week. Talk about the “beauty of change”! It has been an absolute joy to witness their inspiring growth from their births to this moment in their lives as they head off to kindergarten and pre-school this past week.

Let’s all keep our eyes open to see the “beauty of change” that is going on all around us each day.

Blessings and grace to you,


Photograph of the Week

The Flotsam and Jetsam

As I mentioned, I love capturing the small details of nature. I recently have enjoyed capturing some of the small vignettes of nature that present themselves on the ocean beaches. During a our trip to Monterey, California this summer I found the flotsam and jetsam of their beach particularly beautiful. I also love using my “digital paintbrush” to expand and explore deeper the images I capture.