20140924-Castro-Fromi-33-EditI am sure many of you may have heard the story about the Fort Collins runner that was attacked by a mountain lion while trail running. It is quite the story, as the young man after a long wrestling match with the lion was able to strangle and kill the mountain lion. His life was saved by the fact he heard the sound of a stick breaking behind him, he turned around and was face to face with the mountain lion. He said he normally would have been running with some headphones or ear buds and the mountain lion would have attacked him from behind by surprise.

His life was likely saved by the fact he was not “distracting himself” during his run in the mountains. When I heard this, the thought that came to mind, was how “distractions” could have lead to this man’s death and how today’s many distractions are “killing” our lives, the lives we are meant to live.

The world wants you to be distracted.

There’s a fortune to be made off your distraction. Television, streaming services, movie studios, social media, apps, video games, smart phone companies, and countless other billion-dollar industries have but one goal: To make you watch their stuff.” (Anthony Moore)

One of the best things about walking the Camino, is it was a largely distraction free time for the 5 weeks of walking. We did have smart phones but we mostly used them only in the evening (mostly to post to our daily Camino blog and to upload some photos to Facebook). I have to admit, I kind of long for that time again, as you see, I am very susceptible to “distraction disease”.

“Distractions destroy creativity, momentum, and focus. They seek to dominate you, much like the addiction seeks to dominate the addict. They will if you let them.” (Anthony Moore)

One way I have found that helps me to steer clear of distractions that keep me from investing in my free time, is to focus on routines. That was sure a lesson of our Camino walk, we were very much in a routine and rhythm each day. We got really got into the flow. Our daily routine kept us from distractions.

I am working hard these days to build meaningful life building routines that have become habit, like time spent with family and friends, writing, reading books, singing, spending time building my spiritual relationship with my creator).  The more I focus on my routines, the less I am pulled into distractions that draw me away from the important things in my life.

Let’s all work hard to eliminate distractions and develop routines and rhythms that help us be more creative and life giving to others.

Blessings and grace to you,


Photograph of the Month

Winter Wonderland

I realize everyone is a bit fatigued from all the snow we have had for the last few weeks, but here is an image I captured a few winters back on a hike to Big Four Mountain. It had just broke clear and bright after a big dump of snow in the mountains.