Running from one thing to the next

by jphiker

The Camino has a way. The slow and steady way. You have a simple routine in the morning and evening but all the rest of the day it is just walking. Steady walking. There is no running from the one thing to the next like we were doing so much of in preparation for walking the Camino. The Camino slows you way down.

The Camino can teach us about waiting and watching to all that is being revealed to us in each moment and not being so wrapped up in our “to do” lists. I remember our long list of “to do’s” we had leading up to walking the Camino and then all the sudden there is no need for a “to do” list. There is time to really settle into the beauty of all that is around you. There is time for just “day dreaming” and letting whatever comes be a surprise.

I thought this quote I read really gets to the point I am making of how the Camino can teach us important lessons.

“What is being asked of us in this moment is patient attention; a willingness to slow down, listen, and look; a willingness to let go of our expectations, to accept the possibility that our efforts may not bear any fruit—or at least not in the way we have been hoping that they will.”

Douglas E Christie

Our endless “to do” lists can rule our lives at times as we run from one thing to the next. I experienced this during my many years working as a first line manager at Boeing. Life was so busy and complex and my “to do” list was essential to keep me focused and getting things accomplished. So, walking the Camino right after my retirement created quite a contrast since there was no need for a “to do” list. The Camino slowed down my mind and I began to be more and more present to each moment. I found I really liked this way of living.

I have recently started the practice of not using a “to do” list. I know this is scary for many of you to even consider and in fact might seem crazy. Our present life circumstances do make this strange practice possible as I am retired now and we live in a condo. Yet, although I am not completely “to do” list free, I try and do it as often as I can.

You could even say I am “channeling my inner Camino”!



Video of the Month

This past Spring during a visit to William Finley National Wildlife Refuge we had a “Canada Geese Experience”. When we arrived we noticed a huge flock of Canada Geese grazing in the distance. About 20 minutes later the entire flock took off flying. It completely overwhelmed our senses as we fell speechless and in total rapture. We could even hear the beating of their wings at times. I added one of my favorite soaring violin songs to try and approximate this experience which is beyond words to describe. I have to say I found myself playing this video in the morning to lift my spirits and kind of pull me out of myself. I hope you find helpful too!

Our “Canada Geese” Experience Video